Carolyn Anderson, Brasstown Carver

Carolyn Anderson- was born into one of the earliest pioneer families that settled in the area of what is now Macon County North Carolina. The Hall family then moved away from Macon County in 1905 and settled in Hayesville. Many of her neighbors were the original members of what was to later become known as the “Brasstown Carvers”. These individuals were the earliest artists and providers of woodcarvings to the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop. Some of those early woodcarver’s family names include: Browns, Fleming, Halls, Hawkins, Hogsed, Mann, Massey, & McClure.

Carolyn began her study of woodcarving under the direction of Helen Gibson who is the current resident woodcarver with the John C Campbell Folk School. In the early years of her carving, Carolyn was also influenced by the work of Ruth Fleming Hawkins, a close family member and original Brasstown Carver.   Carolyn has continued the art of carving for over three decades and is a member of the Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild. She continues to live in Brasstown, NC; working out of her home studio.