Gina Myers, 3rd Generation Cherokee Potter

 I was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I’m a 3rd generation Cherokee potter. My mother, Merina (Swimmer) Myers passed on her knowledge of Cherokee pottery to me and continues to be my teacher and mentor; helping me to further build my skills, refine my techniques, and carry on our culture.

As the granddaughter and namesake of renowned Cherokee potter Amanda Sequoyah Swimmer, I sign all of my pots with my mother’s family name “Swimmer” to honor my Native American heritage. It’s important to me to carry our name forward through this traditional artform.

All of my pots are hand built and burned in an open fire. The pots color is determined by the type of wood used. I use traditional patterns when decorating my pots, although I sometimes add sculptural animals or nature based freehand designs.

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