Mark Hendry, Broom & Basket Maker

When I follow my bliss, it always leads me to The Great Outdoors. In Nature, I find the inspiration, materials and a state of well-being; all of which coalesce into the creation of my Art. Living in the Appalachian Mountains, I’m surrounded by a rich history of time-honored traditions and a legacy of handcraft. To me, historic handcrafts embolden a greater simplicity and a deeper connection to Nature, so I naturally gravitate to the olde-timey way of doing things.

For me, “Art is Life”, so I strive to use sustainable, renewable resources, and materials that are “alive”. I work in tandem with Mother Nature, collaborating respectfully in the creation of our work; acknowledging the divine intelligence in all things, and revealing our oneness with the Earth and with each other.

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