Gina Myers: 3rd Generation Cherokee Potter

Gina “Swimmer” Myers sat down with Tammy Elwell recently for a conversation about her craft. Gina comes from a long line of established Cherokee potters, the granddaughter of renowned Cherokee potter Amanda “Sequoyah” Swimmer. Her craft has been inspired by the strong women in her life and her commitment to the stewardship of traditional Cherokee crafts. Gina lives in Murphy, NC where she spent her childhood just a few miles from the John C. Campbell Folk School. She places a high priority on giving her time and energy to making positive changes within her community. Influenced by her church family at Little Brasstown Baptist Church as well as her education in the field of Human Services. Gina “Swimmer” Myers also has a sweet connection to the greater Folk School Family, having worked for two years with us in the Craft Shop!


Gina “Swimmer” Myers is a third generation Cherokee Potter, having learned the traditional craft from her mother, Merina Swimmer Myers, who learned from her mother, renowned Cherokee Potter and “Beloved Woman” Amanda “Sequoyah” Swimmer. She received an associate degree in Human Services from Tri County Community College, and a Bachelor’s in Human Services through East Tennessee State University. Gina also worked in the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop for two years before leaving to pursue her Master’s in Human Services.