Cherokee Basketry


$17.00 USD

Part of Anna Fariello’s Hands of our Elders series, she sheds light on the fascinating traditional craft of basketry and its importance in Cherokee culture. Cherokee Basketry describes many of the methods and forms of traditional white oak, rivercane and honeysuckle baskets and their natural dyeing process with roots and bark. This intricate art has been handed down from mothers to daughters over generations. Fariello does a masterful job of weaving the stories of these cherished artists together with the baskets they’ve created.  

Anna Fariello is an author, curator, scholar with many outstanding awards. She was also an Associate Professor at Western Carolina University’s Hunter Library. She has written many books with a traditional craft and history focus, shedding light on Appalachian heritage arts and crafts including her “Hands of our Elders” series that focuses on Cherokee basketry, carving and pottery.

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