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Green & Orange Poncho


$195.00 USD

This poncho is a wonderful accompaniment for the cooler evenings that come with changing seasons. Sporty, sweet, and soft to the touch; this poncho is made from hand-dyed cotton yarns and woven on a loom using traditional techniques. Features a slightly offset collar in front with a point at the back. Fits sizes medium to large.   

“This is the story behind your garment. Each piece begins with the inspiration of a landscape, a flower, an animal, or some other aspect of nature captured in a photo. I then dye yarns to match the colors I see and take those yarns to the loom where they are woven together into the fabric that becomes your shawl, scarf or bag. Enjoy wearing this work of art!”

-Deborah Bryant

Due to the variations in computer monitors, colors may be appear a slightly different shade in featured photos compared to actual product.