Herbal Lady


$70.00 USD

Herbal Lady:

  • Paula- Poppy Herbal Lady
  • The flower nectar of the poppy intoxicates bees, and the opium from the plant is used to make important painkillers. The seeds are added to bread, curries and soaps, and the birds love them.
  • Sophia- White Sage Herbal Lady
  • This aromatic her grows wild on the arid hillsides of the American southwest and Mexico. The leaves are burned to produce smoke used in sacred ceremonies. The tincture of the flower essence is a spiritual treatment for the stress of conflicting emotions.
  • Rebecca- Rose Herbal Lady
  • Associated with pure love and femininity, the rose is valued by aromatherapists for its rejuvenating qualities. Dried petals retain their scent, rose water revives tired eyes, and fresh petals can be used for potpourri.
  • Suzanne- Sage Herbal Lady
  • The name sage comes from the Latin word “salveo” which means to be well! Used for medicinal and culinary purposes, it is also associated with immortality. The leaf tea is an antiseptic nerve and blood tonic, and the dried leaf aids in the digestion of fatty meats.
  • Made by hand with corn husks and other natural materials.
  • Approximately: 4" W x 10" H