Small Wedding Vase 2

Gina Myers

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Traditional Cherokee pottery techniques were used to create this decorative vase by artist and Cherokee potter, Gina “Swimmer” Myers. This vase has a distinct blackened color with a pinkish hue that comes from the type of wood used during the firing process.

 “The wedding vase you see here is believed by some to be a Western style wedding vase, but it is the most commonly seen wedding vase design for a lot of tribes. The Wedding Vase was used in wedding ceremonies. The design represents two becoming one with the two spouts leading into one vessel. The couple would drink from the spouts. The vase has a different story depending on who you ask. My grandmother told us that the wedding couple would throw the vase over their shoulder and if the vase didn't break, the marriage would last. Others say that however many pieces the vase broke into would tell them how many children they would have. Others, that the vase is broken to seal the vows and left to return to Mother Earth to be recreated into something new.” – Gina “Swimmer” Myers

  • Dimensions Approximately: 2.75"L x 2.25"W x 3.75"H
  • Made in Murphy, NC