Southern Highlander And His Homeland


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In 1908 John C. Campbell was commissioned by the Russel Sage Foundation to make a comprehensive study of Appalachia. John embarked upon this journey with his wife, Olive Dame Campbell, and over four years they traveled through the Southern Appalachian Highlands collecting information on traditions, societal issues, local ways of life and forming a reverence for the craftsmanship and folklore of the mountain people. Originally published in 1921, this book contains photographs, maps and other observations about rural Appalachian life at the turn of the century. John and Olive wanted to preserve mountain culture and advocate for schools that would help educate rural residents, provide better public health, a sustainable economy, and maintain the traditional skills that made the Southern Highlanders so compelling.  Immerse yourself in the stories and this invaluable account of early Appalachian culture.  For more information, read “Appalachian Travels: The Diary of Olive Dame Campbell” written during their travels through eastern Tennessee and Kentucky and western North Carolina.

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