Tangerine V Back Shawl


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This V-Back shawl from Deborah Bryant is handwoven on a loom using traditional techniques and hand dyed soft cotton yarns. Wrap or tie this shawl in a variety of ways for stylish comfort. Makes a wonderful addition to seasonal wardrobes, a pop of color that brings compliments and coziness. Each front side measures 42" from center to edge. Free size. Wash Gently.

“This is the story behind your garment. Each piece begins with the inspiration of a landscape, a flower, an animal, or some other aspect of nature captured in a photo. I then dye yarns to match the colors I see and take those yarns to the loom where they are woven together into the fabric that becomes your shawl, scarf or jacket. Enjoy wearing this work of art!”

-Deborah Bryant

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