Appalachian Travels


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Folklorist, influential social reformer, and “songcatcher” Olive Dame Campbell’s diary is a compelling account of rural Appalachian and Western North Carolina life between 1908 and 1909. Olive Dame Campbell set out with her husband, John C. Campbell as part of a grant funded initiative through the Russel Sage Foundation. Their goal was to gather information on the social and economic condition and needs of the people inhabiting rural mountain spaces in the Southern Highlands. Olive’s diary chronicles the time spent within eastern Tennessee and Kentucky, along with parts of western North Carolina. The Campbell’s were well known for their work in the field of education and you’ll find accounts of their visits to numerous independent, religious, and public schools as well as interviews with missionaries, settlement school workers, and locals. In an effort to create better educational, social and economic conditions for rural families at the turn of the century. Edited by Elizabeth McCutchen Williams

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