Charity Hall, Jewelry Artist

Charity Hall studied botany as an undergraduate student at Colorado College. After graduating, she traversed the southwestern United States working as a biological surveyor and as a U.S. Forest Service botanist before settling on a graduate program in Quaternary Sciences. Barely a year in, she received a generous scholarship to attend a ring-making workshop at the Penland School of Crafts. Until then, metalworking had been her hobby, often interrupted for years at a time by various moves. She writes of her work: “There is something magical about the environment of craft schools-the vibrant energy, collaboration, and creative output. At Penland, the focus of being wholly immersed in making objects by hand was electrifying, and I decided to become an artist.” Charity completed her MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University in 2008 and moved to Tucson, AZ where she taught metalworking at Pima Community College for five years. In 2013, she became a fulltime studio artist, yet the pull of science remains ever strong, influencing every piece she creates. She lives in Blacksburg, VA with her entomologist husband, Paul. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and the Enamellist Society.  Charity also teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk School.